Open Borders: A failed Policy

The recent terror attacks in Europe prove yet again the failure of progressive politics. Although the humanitarian intentions is certainly commendable, the risk of of follow on consequences out weigh the temporary solution. Politicians insist on forming policy to provide an inclusive society with migrants and refugees.

The Leftist arguement the United States was developed on migration is a comparison of bananas to cauliflower. The fact that the new world was an untapped undeveloped land mass is just one example in comparison to a developed nation opening borders to migrants. As the song states, “it’s a new dawn, a new day, a new life…” could not be truer today than it was then. Open border policy paves the route for radials to exert their agenda. We must collectively defeat radical Islam through isolation.

I suppose unless we can split open the skull of left and right wing advocates to examine what drives their philosophies we will not understand their mindset just as liberals will never understand a conservative mindset.

But we can certainly ascertain the philosophical disposition of those that lost loved ones as a result to terror and criminal acts committed by migrants.

This is not a US or European issue. This is a global issue that unless we enforce tighter borders and restrictions on immigrants from volatile nations security in Europe and America will continue to diminish. Especially, since our governments don’t even acknowledge or identify our enemy. We must instill a full court press and blitz the hell out of radical Islam. Two points that must become established to make headway: 1. The Muslim community begin policing itself and 2. The global community must collectively establish tighter border crossing laws.


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